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Portable High Precision Vector Impedance Analysers



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The TE3000 Vector Impedance Analyser is a portable desktop instrument designed for high accuracy impedance measurement. The probe style construction and small output signal make it ideal for "in circuit" impedance characterisation of small signal devices without the risk of damage to the device under test. The TE3000 comes factory calibrated to the tip of the probe with optional custom calibration. Turn it on, set the frequency, take a measurement, and display the results in any format.

The TE3001 One Port Vector Network Analyser is built for the professional who understands the calibration process and has a network analysis task to perform. The unit features a larger output signal than the TE3000 for better noise immunity, and is supplied with a 6 piece custom calibration kit to remove the effect of test fixtures and cables. Together, these features make the TE3001 ideal for broadcast and plasma applications that require a length of cable for connection and may be high in noise or interference.

The TE1000 Vector Impedance Analyzer has enjoyed more than 20 years as a popular choice for obtaining impedance measurements at RF frequencies by hundreds of customers around the world. It is a precision, portable impedance analyzer which enables the user to make highly accurate impedance measurements through VHF range (0.5-150MHz). Although superseded somewhat by the recent addition of the TE3000 the TE1000 is still available in its original build format and specifications.

The TE SERIES Interactive Software provides a powerful set of formats and charts for fast analysis, and interfaces with a simple USB. Features include smith charts, multi series plotting, difference plotting, curve smoothing, annotations, cursors, time domain reflectometry and interference spectrum scanning.

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